Selecting the Right Smoking Pipe for You

If you enjoy a good, relaxing smoke, it’s important to locate a well-stocked tobacconist who can offer you a wide range of smoking materials; equally important is a shop that can provide you with good quality smoking accessories. Purchasing an exotic, flavorful tobacco will do you no good without an equally-impressive pipe with which to enjoy it. Then there are the other accouterments you’ll need, such as lighters, screens, pipe cleaners, pipe tools, and pipe stands. You’ll appreciate the smoking experience more with proper accessories you know will continue to function and look good for some time to come.

Being able to select the right pipe for the circumstance doesn’t have to be a luxury reserved for the well-to-do; building your own collection of smoking pipes is not as daunting a task as it may seem. Finding a vendor with a great selection is the first step. After that, the difficult part is deciding which pipes to include in your collection. You’ll find a number of materials to choose from, such as ceramic, wood, metal, and even stone. Within those categories are more choices.


If you decide on wood, will you be looking for rosewood, ebony, cedar, or cherry? If you choose to go with a stone pipe, you can select from either soapstone or marble. Once those decisions are made, you can shop for the style that suits you; traditional, churchwarden, mini, or something else entirely. Once you’ve seen the intricate carvings on some models, you may have an even more difficult time making a decision.

Choosing the right lighter to go with your stylish new pipe can be an entertaining experience since, once again, there are so many choices a good vendor can offer. Standard fuel or butane, the styles and designs will ensure that you will find something that resonates with you. There are the antique-style lift-arm lighters for a touch of elegance, or the ultra-modern-styled butane models that look disturbingly like weapons from a science fiction movie. There are classic lighters, bullet lighters, even grenade lighters for a touch of whimsy. Some come with built-in pipe tools and even LED lights for your convenience.

When selecting tobacco pipes, wood smoking pipes, stone pipes, ceramic pipes, or metal pipes, Wood Stone Pipes is the place to begin your search. You’ll find an outstanding selection of quality products at competitive prices, and they are available to assist you in making your decisions.

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